Twelve Floors — Why Not 6?

For you out there reading this, I believe you already know about the 2D adventure game that my team and I had developed and published on 6 months ago. The game is called Twelve Floors. Today, let’s chat about why I gave it this name.

If you haven’t been following our IG, the game is about Curtis finding problematic kids in the building. No, we did not disclose that, so you are the first to see this if you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter. But the point being, “problematic kids in the building”. When I had this game idea, I was in the process of self discovery and seeking my own identity, and the game idea, with no doubt, is really close to what I have experienced. To make up for that little gap in the experience, I decided to give it a name where it would be a sign of my past.

This past of mine, together with that missed experience, should stay in the past. But it should also not be forgotten. Hence, when thinking of what should stay in the past but also should stay in my mind, I was briefly reminded of the old building I used to stay in. And no, it has more than twelve floors. But yes, you guessed it right, I used to stay on the 12th floor. Together with the neighbours’ kids, we had a lot of fun in that building, be it on the corridor skateboarding away and smashing into walls or cannonball-ing into swimming pools, both adults’ and kids’(painful experience!), hence “problematic”.

These were my last memories of that building and the neighbours’ kids before moving. To be honest, I miss them, but it was also a meaningful past and I thought it would be nice to give the game such a name to remember my childhood. Of course, to find out the missed experience, you will need to play the game and make a seriously good guess!

Back to the question — why not 6? I hate to break it to you, but you might not just find twelve floors in Twelve Floors!



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